We have been in the business of sounding good for more than 30 years. Our focus is on German-language versions of films and series, with our portfolio now encompassing hundreds of dubbed films and thousands of episodes.




Audio Description


Our story so far

Our blockbuster-quality work can be heard in cinemas, on television and streaming services alike. From historical documentaries to feature films for the entire family and 20-part telenovelas, we have been catering to a wide range of audiences for decades.

A selection of the projects we have had the pleasure of working on:

Who we are

We are a motley crew combining old hands who still fiddle with tape machines and can write up studio schedules in their sleep with digital natives who live and breathe social media and have watched every anime to come out in the last 20 years.

Since 2019 we have been a part of Keywords Studios and have benefited from the know-how of 12,000 colleagues spread across the globe.

Building on this dynamic relationship of experience and innovation, we pursue one common goal:

to produce an outstanding dub.

Who is part of our network

Our extensive and multifaceted network is a key contributor to the success of our projects. It is our heartfelt goal to assemble as diverse a cast and crew of translators, directors and voice talents as possible for every one of our productions.

Berlin is Germany’s dubbing capital and a hub for the many creatives with whom we enjoy working.

Where and how we produce

Our premises in the Franz Ehrlich Haus include 7 air-conditioned studios capable of producing around the clock. 3 editing suites and 3 mixing studios are available for the pre- and post-production of our recordings.

From the acquisition of material to delivery of the final product, we take care of every step, are on hand to provide support along the way and are eager to take on any challenge when it comes to audio and video productions.

Our location in Berlin-Adlershof is known as Berlin’s largest media center thanks to its 147 companies in the media industry.

What’s next

No matter the project, we have the necessary hard- and/or software, the right minds, no shortage of know-how and an excess of motivation to bring your project to life.

If you still think we’re not a good match for your project we’d love a chance to convince you otherwise – give us a call at+4930 677 749415 or email us at info@tv-synchron.de

and we’ll work out a tailored solution that will make your project shine.

Where we are