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The technical equipment of our studios

Our dubbing studio is located inside the historical “Franz-Ehrlich-Haus”.

It has five recording studios, two mixing stages and four editing suites.
The rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with separate temperature controls and air quality monitors.

In 2017, all five recording studios were equipped with the latest technology. Neumann microphones, preamps and DAW ensure the best recording quality.

The recording studios 1-3 are more than 40 square meters in size. Several windows provide daylight. The studio walls are separated from the main building, guaranteeing best sound protection and acoustics.

The two mixing stages have also been extensively updated.

Using a Nuage console with on and outboard equipment, we are able to produce mixes for all common cinema and TV formats (Dolby 5.1, 2.0) at mixing stage 1.

We use Geithain monitors for near-field mixes.

When it comes to mixing cinema productions, JBL and Genelec monitors provide the necessary acoustic pressure.

We will gladly answer any questions concerning the equipment.