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About us

We have been dubbing and localizing films for more than 25 years, bringing together the perfect creative teams of dubbing writers, directors and voice actors to work on hundreds of movies and several thousand TV episodes.

Our dedicated employees put the creatives’ ideas into practice using state-of-the-art technical facilities: they are well-acquainted with cinema, OTT, streaming, On-Demand and linear TV programming and home video.

A separate department, with a team of accredited translators, manages hundreds of hours of programming a year for special interest channels. With a tracklist of over 7000 episodes and more than a quartermillion minutes voiced materials we are one of the three largest companies in Germany that produces voice overs.

We can provide our clients with advice on everything from the procurement and handling of materials and the digital workflow to the delivery to authoring studios, broadcasters and film laboratories.

Current project

My favorite fabric

Theatrical version, audio description, closed captioning for the deaf

Damascus in the spring of 2011. The revolution against the authoritarian Assad regime and the civil war have just begun. This situation leaves the 25 year old woman Nahla torn between her yearning for freedom and the desire to leave the country, which has become increasinlgy unsafe, by enterring an arranged marriage with a Syrian expatriate living in the US. However, the young man chooses her younger and gentler sister. Meanwhile, Nahla develops a close relationship with Mrs. Jiji – her secretive new neighbour.

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